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■ Official Site:

[The stream starts on September 14th, 5 AM Pacific Time!]
PLAYISM, the publisher that curates high-quality indie games and shares them with the rest of the world, presents PLAYISM Game Show, a program that will reveal the titles that will be showcased at TOKYO GAME SHOW 2022, as well as related game sale info.

■ Speakers and Guests
Chiaki Matsuzawa (MC):
NAMARI KIRIN (Voice only):
Shunji Mizutani (PLAYISM representative):

PLAYISM is an indie game publishing brand. Founded in 2011 before indie gaming took off in Japan, it is now the oldest indie game publisher in the country.
Apart from releasing local Japanese indie titles such as the LA-MULANA series, DEEEER Simulator, and Gnosia to the rest of the world, it has also promoted the culture of Japanese free games by publishing titles such as Yume Nikki and Mad Father. It has also localized games from other regions, such as Doki Doki Literature Club Plus and Idol Manager, into Japanese, and provided assistance for console ports of Wolf RPG Editor, among many other things, all to support the indie scene and its creators.


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