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Game Porting and Language Implementation

Hassle-free multilingual porting

and dev support

Even when in-house engineers are unavailable, we are able to provide smooth, multilingual support for game development.

Active Gaming Media's Game Porting & Language Implementation

Everything from localization
to porting

We offer services to incorporate and implement localized text, with hassle-free multilingual LQA upon request. As some languages are read right to left, at times the UI design and system require adjustments to accommodate this. This is also a service we are able to provide.


We also develop past titles or updates for sale on other platforms or consumer software consoles. This broadens the market for localized versions of games by selecting the best platform for each area. We can handle debugging (QA) services at the same time to make porting and development a breeze.

50+ languages are readily available.


Asia: Japanese, Korean, Chinese (Simplified/Traditional), Thai, Indonesian, Hindi / North America: English (American/Canadian), French (Canadian) / Central and South America: Spanish (Central/South American), Portuguese (Brazilian) / Europe: English (UK), German, French, Italian, Dutch, Danish, Spanish (European), Portuguese, Swedish, Finnish, Czech, Russian / Middle East: Arabic, Turkish / Africa: Portuguese (African), Arabic (Egyptian), French (African) / etc…

It depends on the contents.

We will propose the best plan to meet your needs.

Please contact us for a free consultation and estimate.

One-stop Solutions

Active Gaming Media’s mission is to overcome language barriers to deliver content across the world.

We also provide the full multilingual support involved in publishing internationally, not just Game Porting and Language Implementation services.

Bolster International Sales

Our employees, who are all gamers themselves, translate directly from Japanese into their native languages, or from other languages into Japanese. As native speakers, they are able to naturally localize character mannerisms, turns of phrase, and jokes to accurately convey the world of the game to the end user without sacrificing any of its original charm.

Quality Control and Improvement

Our company also provides quality assurance services. We provide LQA where, following localization, native speakers play the game to ensure that the text displays properly, there are no misprints, that the language used in the game is suitable for the target audience, etc. Our experienced testers will work to ensure quality control from the user’s perspective.

Translation and Recording of Promotional Videos

We have partnerships with voiceover recording studios around the world, where we can provide multilingual voice recordings for advertisements using character voices, promotional videos, and more. We can also provide subtitles for trailers, commercials, YouTube, and other short video content.

Production of a Variety of Content

We offer a variety of promotional content, such as banners, videos, posters, special webpages, and more. If we are involved from the production stage, we are able to quickly deliver naturally localized designs that are tailor-made for the target audience. We are also available to provide Japanese content.

Business Support and Marketing

We provide multilingual customer support, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We respond to inquiries, monitor social media posts to immediately report outages or rumors, collect user feedback, and manage social media accounts to post announcements or respond to DMs, as well as monitor video streaming and hosting services.

Fan Community Support

We offer content moderation services, including monitoring social media posts to immediately report outages or rumors, collect user impressions and feedback (NPS), and manage social media accounts to post announcements or respond to DMs. Our employees are familiar with slang, jargon, and gaming terms, making this an indispensable part of understanding user feedback and doing marketing research.