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Active Gaming Media (AGM) offers a service called “Creative Localization.” This part of the company handles things like design, branding, and everything else one can imagine related to advertising. In this post, from all of the wonderful work our Creative Localization team has done, we’d like to introduce you to the AGM logo.

Check out more information about the creative localization service here.

This is the AGM logo:

This logo represents both the AGM “A,” and a bridge. As part of our localization service, we connect amazing content from Japan to the rest of the world, and amazing content from the world back to Japan. Through this, we bridge the two together.

This is PLAYISM’s logo.

PLAYISM is a publishing brand for indie games. The circular design to the left of the logo is a magnifying glass. It expresses the fact that PLAYISM searches for the best indie games, not only in Japan, but worldwide.

Writing the explanations like this makes it sound quite simple, but these designs were reworked again and again, and took a very long time before everyone agreed on the message and look. If you’d like to see our creative team’s amazing portfolio, filled with not only company logos, but game logos, web design, and ad designs, you can check here.

For more information about Translation/Localization and Promotion.
Our localization page

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