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Marketing translation

Our native speakers produce

cohesive translations with the

target markets in mind

Success in the global marketplace heavily relies on the tone, word choices, and cultural nuances of its copy. Translated copy that is effective requires native speakers that can convey the information in a way that connects with people and entices them. You can expect effective advertising to feature taglines that grab attention and stories that resonate with the readers. In the end, great marketing is a must for businesses growth.

Marketing translation provided
by Active Gaming Media

We connect the hearts
of people around the world

The native speakers at AGM come from all over the world and are equipped with the skills to showcase media so that it clicks with people, regardless of cultural background. In general, most consumers prefer text that is familiar and easy to read, so catering to readers of each area matters.

The beauty and playfulness
of language generate intrigue

Emotion plays a crucial role in marketing. Our native speakers utilize proverbs, rhyming, slang, and other literary devices while translating so that the content clicks with consumers. Machine translations these days sound more natural than ever before, but the outputs still lack authenticity and accuracy. There’s still no substitute for a human touch.

Edge out competition with
market & regional insights

We assign native speakers that are best suited for each product, service, and user base. A solid understanding of the target market and modern writing trends helps with bringing your brand and content to the forefront.

In-house translation
for multilingual development

During multilingual development, native speakers of the source language act as project managers, guiding the whole team with a focus on conveying the intended meanings of the original content and sharing insights. They leave concise comments on completed documents and carry out checks to ensure consistency in all languages before delivery.

Why is marketing translation important?

50+ languages are readily available.


Asia: Japanese, Korean, Chinese (Simplified/Traditional), Thai, Indonesian, Hindi / North America: English (American/Canadian), French (Canadian) / Central and South America: Spanish (Central/South American), Portuguese (Brazilian) / Europe: English (UK), German, French, Italian, Dutch, Danish, Spanish (European), Portuguese, Swedish, Finnish, Czech, Russian / Middle East: Arabic, Turkish / Africa: Portuguese (African), Arabic (Egyptian), French (African) / etc…

Slogans, social media, press releases, store pages, blogs, websites, pamphlets, flyers, posters, banners…



E-commerce, catalogs, websites, corporate missions, corporate videos, presentations, proposals, company newsletters, training videos…



Scenarios, scripts, subtitles, title names, character names, books…

All costs are included in the unit price. There are no additional fees.



If the translation/localization is made from Japanese, payment is calculated as character count x rate, if it’s from English, then it’s word count x rate. Our project managers will do the calculations, so a quote can be made available once you have provided the files or text data. The rates may vary depending on language pairs, volume, and deadlines. Depending on the volume, a free trial may also be provided. Feel free to make an inquiry.

One-Stop Solution

Our goal at Active Gaming Media is to bring content to people around the world, free of language barriers.

To make that happen, we provide the necessary support needed to expand globally in addition to our marketing translation services.


Bolster International Sales

Our employees, who are all gamers themselves, translate directly from Japanese into their native languages, or from other languages into Japanese. As native speakers, they are able to naturally localize character mannerisms, turns of phrase, and jokes to accurately convey the world of the game to the end user without sacrificing any of its original charm.

Quality Assurance

Our company also provides quality assurance services. We provide LQA where, following localization, native speakers play the game to ensure that the text displays properly, there are no misprints, that the language used in the game is suitable for the target audience, etc. Our experienced testers will work to ensure quality control from the user’s perspective.

Audio Localization

We have partnerships with voiceover recording studios around the world, where we provide multilingual voice recordings for in-game character voices, movies that play during the story, and other voice recordings required for that particular content. We are also able to provide voices for short content such as store page movies and trailers that are an essential part of advertising. We can also provide subtitles for such content.

Advertising and Corporate Branding

We handle banners, trailers, posters, special webpages, and other images involved in advertising. If we are involved from the production stage, we are able to quickly deliver localized designs that are tailor-made for the target audience. Already produced Japanese advertisements can also be localized into multiple languages.

Community Management

We provide multilingual customer support, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We respond to inquiries, monitor social media posts to immediately report outages or rumors, collect user feedback, and manage social media accounts to post announcements or respond to DMs, as well as monitor video streaming and hosting services.

Marketing Support

We offer both domestic and international promotional services. Press releases proofread by native speakers can be sent directly to writers overseas through our network, and we are also able to request promotions with local influencers on behalf of clients. Promotional articles and banners can also be posted on our own gaming news website, AUTOMATON.